Over 550 at BCG’s Safely Recovering Machinery event

Over 550 farmers and industry attended BCG’s Safely Recovering Machinery Field Day at Warracknabeal on Friday.

BCG Senior Manager of Extension and Communication Kelly Angel, who organised and facilitated the event said: “Having a good plan was imperative and remembering: the best way to get out of a bog is not to get bogged! Using chains was also not recommended as they have a high risk to safety with lots of moving parts.”

Key messages:

Understand the ratings of straps and shackles, eg the working load limit (WLL) and break-strength and how to interpret these when using for recovery.

Communicate: ensure all staff are trained in how to avoid getting bogged and how to use recovery equipment safely.

Stop and think: before entering a paddock, calculate the risk of becoming bogged. If you do become bogged, stop. Don’t try and drive yourself out of it. Take a moment and think about how to recover the vehicle safely. Does the machine need to be recovered right away? Taking time to think before recovering machinery is often the safest option.

Unload: removing unnecessary weight from bogged machinery will make it easier and safer to recover.

Dig: If safe to do, digging can help relieve pressure on machinery and aid in recovery.

Storage: ensure recovery equipment is looked after, out of weather and stored clean.

“We thank everyone who attended the event and to our partners for working with us to bring such a relevant need-driven event together so quickly. Thanks to VFF Making Farms Safer, WorkSafe, Warakirri Cropping, the National Centre for Farmer Health, O’Connor’s [Case IH], Emmetts [John Deere], Belle-Vue Machinery [New Holland], Horsham Heavy Towing, Blake Snake Recovery Strops and farmer Ross Johns who hosted us,” said Kelly.

For more information regarding the event contact BCG Senior Manager of Extension and Communication Kelly Angel on 0427 564 507 or [email protected]


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